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    Customs Authorities have awarded Euroricambi the AEOF certification, attesting its Full status of Authorized Economic Operator, as to simplification of Customs operations, as well as Security and Safety. AEOF certification, which states the reliability of a Company (among the most difficult to obtain), aims at simplifying the bureaucratic Customs proceeding. Euroricambi has met all the requirements, among the others, the investments in the security of the supply chain have been decisive as they have allowed Customs operators to reduce both physical and administrative inspections on shipments. AEOF certified operators are regarded, as much as possible, as the local operators having similar Customs certifications (for example in the United States the C-TPAT "Custom-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism"); this means that goods are cleared and introduced immediately in the Countries which have signed reciprocity agreements, thus making the movement of goods faster. These agreements have been signed both by EU as well as by third Countries, such as Japan and now the USA. Such agreements will be in force also in Switzerland and Norway shortly and they are about to be negotiated with China.