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  • MADE IN 1979
    Happy Birthday Euroricambi!
    It was January 10th, 1979...

    To celebrate this important Anniversary, Euroricambi created not only a dedicated celebrative logo, but also a symbol both of its technology and its human aspect, which has always been a fundamental part of the Company.

    We chose to focus on a gear which, in a neverending hug, surrounds the history and the future of the Company.
    This logo is going to accompany us throughout our 2019 communication, in order to thank all those we proudly represent and that loyally support Euroricambi product.

    It is going to be a guide for a Company that for 40 years has maintained its sense of responsibility and constant quality unchanged.
    For this reason Euroricambi has no difficulty in imaging itself as a present and reliable partner for the next 40 years.